Patricks Law Associates (Plass Advocates)

PATRICKS LAW ASSOCIATES, Plass Advocates, formerly Muriuki Ngunjiri Advocates is a full legal services firm offering specialized legal services to clients across the Kenyan legal market. It offers a wide range of legal services to both national and county governments, ...

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Legal Services

Patricks Law Associates (Plass Advocates) offers specialized legal services to national and county governments, the national assembly, companies, banks, financial institutions, public and private universities, cooperative societies, state corporations, private business/companies, individual county governments and county assemblies in the Kenyan legal market. We specialize in the following areas:

Legal Advice

Conversion of Land Registration

Revocation of titles issued under the old regimes. However, the registrar retains custody of the revoked titles.Issuance of new titles under the Land Registration ...

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Coffee export in Kenya fell from 40% of Kenya’s export in 1988 to a meager 6% in recent years. The drop has partly been blamed on the ...

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